ownCloud Error – Multiple Accounts are Sharing the Folder

A recent ownCloud Desktop ‘Sync Client’ update can produce the following error… “Multiple accounts are sharing the folder”.

ownCloud Error Message – Multiple Accounts are Sharing the Folder

The update introduces multi-account support.

Solving the Error:

  1. To solve the error, go to the sync folder (in this case D:\Backup) where the error is occurring, and view the hidden ownCloud database files.
  2. To view hidden files, go to the file location in Windows File Explorer. Click on the View tab and under Show/hide, tick the box ‘Hidden items’ (circled in purple in the image below).
ownCloud – View the Hidden ownCloud Database Files
  1. You should then see the hidden ownCloud database files, somewhere in the parent file folder:
ownCloud – The Hidden Data Files
  1. Sort the files by date, to help identify the duplicate files. You’re looking for similar named items:
  2. You can see in the file below two green and two red circled files. The older files circled in red are duplicates.
ownCloud – Multiple Accounts are Sharing the Folder – Duplicate Files
  1. Delete (backup if required – just in case!) the duplicate files (circled in red above).
  2. This should remove the “Multiple accounts are sharing the folder” error, and you should see the warning dialogue box has gone…
ownCloud – Multiple Accounts are Sharing the Folder – Error Resolved

Hope it helps..!

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