Photoshop – My Image is Locked (Solved)

I opened an image in Photoshop that had been created in Adobe Illustrator. When opened, the image was locked (see the layers panel) and nearly all the options (features) were greyed out?

Photoshop – My Image is Locked After Opening

Double clicking the lock symbol wouldn’t unlock the image?

Photoshop – Locked Image (Layer)

The Solution:

The image had been set at ‘Indexed Color’ (the image was created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as an 8 bit PNG file).

Photoshop – The Image was set as Indexed Color

I changed this to ‘RGB Color’ and the problem was solved!

Photoshop – The Image is set as RGB Color

The image was now unlocked!

Photoshop – Unlocked Image (Layer)

I Hope this helps?

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