WordPress – I Edited my Text in HTML and it Won’t Update?

I added an additional CSS style to a block by editing the block in HTML. I then saved the changes.

Later, I decided to delete the style I had just added, by editing the block text (in HTML) and deleting the CSS style text.

I saved the changes and then checked if my update had worked. It hadn’t changed? So I went to re-edit the HTML text, and found the text I had deleted earlier was still there?

WordPress – I Edited my Text in HTML and it Won’t Save the Changes – The Text Reappears Again

I tried deleting the CSS style text and saving the changes several times, but the text would just reappear?

In the end, the only way I could update the block was to do the following:

  • Edit the block and delete the unwanted CSS Style (in HTML).
  • Copy the whole updated block (in HTML).
  • Delete the block.
  • Create a new block.
  • Paste the copied HTML into the new block.
  • Save the changes (‘Update’).

Deleting and recreating the block worked. My changes were saved and my block updated.

The video below shows the steps I took to save the changes…

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