How to Build a WordPress Website

If you are not a professional developer and have never built a WordPress website before, it can sometimes be a bit puzzling how you go about it?

These articles will hopefully point you in the right direction and glue all the different parts together, give you hints and tips, so you can see how to get started:


Install WordPress (An Overview)

Before you install WordPress, there are 2 methods (or locations) where you can install and build your WordPress website. The first method is to build your website on a ‘testing’ […]

How to Install WordPress on a Testing Server:

A ‘testing’ server allows you to run WordPress on your computer hard drive for testing and development purposes. Installing a ‘testing’ server on your computer is relatively easy (if you […]

How to Install WordPress on a Website

Assumptions: Before we start, I am going to make the following assumptions: You have a web host provider.You have a domain name. Topics on this Page: What do I Need […]
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