Computer, Website Related Notes and Reminders

(or, how the hell did I do that?)

I love playing around with computers, websites and fixing stuff that’s broken (see my other site!

The only problem is, if something goes wrong, or it goes up the creek. I can’t always remember what I’ve done? Hence, these are my computer-related notes, to help me remember… And what better place to store and organise these notes than on a content management system (CMS) aka “this website”, and have easy access to those notes (and also allow other people to view).

I hope you find the information useful…


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Articles on the Windows operating system, Computer Hardware and Software:


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This section contains articles and information on building websites, website code, useful website software (and other web related stuff)…

Latest Articles:

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Broadband Internet Speed Test - Download
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If you’ve never built a network before, Where do you start? What parts do you need? This article gives a brief summary of the different components needed when building a […]


This section contains information on network related topics…

Install WordPress (An Overview)

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Before you install WordPress, there are 2 methods (or locations) where you can install and build your WordPress website. The first method is to build your website on a ‘testing’ […]

How to Install WordPress on a Website

Web Hosting Companies (any Trademarks Belong to their Respective Owners)
Assumptions: Before we start, I am going to make the following assumptions: You have a web host provider.You have a domain name. Topics on this Page: What do I Need […]

How to Install WordPress on a Testing Server:

The Testing Server
A ‘testing’ server allows you to run WordPress on your computer hard drive for testing and development purposes. Installing a ‘testing’ server on your computer is relatively easy (if you […]