JavaScript Network Error: 404 Not Found

“Network Error: 404 Not Found –”. I received this Java script error when inserting a jssor slider into my site (this was identified using ‘Firebug’ in the Firefox browser). Searching in Google showed various solutions, but none that would fix my error? (see the ‘red’ error message at the bottom of the image below).

Network Error - 404 Not Found
Network Error – 404 Not Found


It turned out the path to the ‘jquery-1.9.1.min.js’ file (and the path to the other js files) was incorrect. I had checked this against another example that had exactly the same path (and worked) and in Windows Explorer. For some reason, the path I had, didn’t work (cut and paste error?).

Network Error – 404 Not Found – Incorrect Script Path

The solution was to check the path by the following method. Using Dreamweaver, I deleted the path between the ” ” and re-inserted the first “. This caused the browser tooltip to pop up. I clicked this and inserted the correct path (compare the image below to the image above).

Network Error – 404 Not Found – Finding the Correct Path

The correct path appeared.

Network Error – 404 Not Found – Correct Path

I then repeated this for the other paths.

Network Error – 404 Not Found – Update the Other Paths

Note that the ‘Link’ tool for finding the file (Dreamweaver properties) did not select the correct path.

Network Error – 404 Not Found – The Link Tool had Failed to Find the Correct Path
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