Website Errors

When I have an error or glitch, I try and write a reminder of what I’ve done, just in case it ever happens again (I forget). Now where was I..?

WordPress – I Edited my Text in HTML and it Won’t Update?

I added an additional CSS style to a block by editing the block in HTML. I then saved the changes. Later, I decided to delete the style I had just […]

WordPress – Some (or All) of my Images are Missing?

I’ve had a few occasions where my images have not displayed? This can be for a number of reasons: You’ve reinstalled WordPress.You’ve deleted and reinstalled a plugin(s).Or, just played around […]

New Coverage Issue Detected for Site – How to Fix

I’d received an email notification by the Google Search Console Team, that I had a “new coverage issue detected” on my site. I followed the link ‘Fix Coverage issues’ at […]

CSS – Fly Out Menu Cut Off

The image below shows a responsive web page where the menu changes from a horizontal menu to a vertical menu depending on the screen size. The horizontal menu worked fine, […]

My Embedded YouTube Video Player Will Not Work in IOS

I have a website where my embedded YouTube videos would not work on my iPad or iPhone! I kept getting the error “an error occurred please try again later”. […]

JavaScript Network Error: 404 Not Found

“Network Error: 404 Not Found –”. I received this Java script error when inserting a jssor slider into my site (this was identified using ‘Firebug’ in the Firefox browser). […]

WordPress – There are Spaces Missing in the Excerpt Text?

My excerpt text had spaces missing between some sentences. why was this happening? On examining the area of document text the excerpt was using, I found that there was a […]

WordPress Media Library Images not Showing

I downloaded a backup of my website to load onto my localhost (testing server), and then downloaded a copy of all the images from my live website to the uploads […]

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