My Embedded YouTube Video Player Will Not Work in IOS

I have a website where my embedded YouTube videos would not work on my iPad or iPhone! I kept getting the error “an error occurred please try again later”. Clicking the learn more didn’t help and I couldn’t find any solutions in Google?

IOS YouTube Embed Issue – An Error Occurred, Please Try Later

It took me a while to find the culprit, but it was in the embedding code that YouTube provides (see the image / blue arrow below).

IOS YouTube Embed Issue – nocookie

The Solution

Removing “-nocookie” from the line of code fixed the issue (see the HTML code below).

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” style=”border:0em;” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Which then allowed the video to work in IOS (iPad and iPhone). You can see my working example below.

Autumn Leaves – Played on BBC Radio!
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