Photoshop – My Image is Locked (Solved)

Photoshop - Locked Image (Layer)
I opened an image in Photoshop that had been created in Adobe Illustrator. When opened, the image was locked (see the layers panel) and nearly all the options (features) were […]

Lightroom Photos Have Read Only Access – Error Message (Solved)

Lightroom - Some save metadata operations were not performed. Photos have read-only access - Error Message (Featured-Image)
Topics The Error:The Solution: The Error: I added GPS coordinates to my image in Lightroom and went to save the changes, but it came up with an error message “Some […]

ownCloud Error – Multiple Accounts are Sharing the Folder

ownCloud - Multiple Accounts are Sharing the Folder - Error Message (Featured Image)
A recent ownCloud Desktop ‘Sync Client’ update can produce the following error… “Multiple accounts are sharing the folder”. The update introduces multi-account support. Solving the Error: To solve the error, […]

Adobe Bridge Star Rating Not Working (Solved)

Adobe Bridge Star Rating Not Working
There are a number of potential solutions out there, but they don’t work for everyone. It all depends on what the issue is in the first place? Solutions include: Purging […]

How to Fix the Wrong Subtotal Time:

How to Sum Time in Excel (Over 24 Hours) - The Wrong Value (Featured Image)
I created a timesheet in MS Excel and wanted to show the total time I had worked over a week, (a filtered subtotal). It worked great when it was just […]