All My Files and Folders are Read Only?

Windows - You Don't Have Permission to Save in this Location
My problems started when I reinstalled Windows 10 (I believe this issue may also affect Windows 7 and 8). I tried to save a new file to a folder I […]

Windows Update Failure – KB3033929?

Do you have a dual boot system on your PC? Occasionally I have had a Windows update failure. Disabling the dual boot system has allowed the update to be installed. […]

I Can’t see Other Devices on my Network?

Turn Windows features on or off - SMB 1.0CIFS File Sharing Suport
What Happened?The Solution:Via the Windows Control Panel:Via the Windows Settings:Ticking the Box: What Happened? Windows failed to start, it wouldn’t boot and the operating system couldn’t do a repair. I […]