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Buying a NAS or External Hard Drive

NAS Drive and Hard Drive Ready to Install
Need more storage space? A NAS (Network Attached Storage) could be your answer. But what are the other solutions? Additional internal hard drive (disk size: 3.5″, 2.5″ or SSD).An external […]

Network Wiring Components (An Overview)

If you’ve never built a network before, Where do you start? What parts do you need? This article gives a brief summary of the different components needed when building a […]

Buying a Network Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Network Switches (24 & 48 Port)
When you look to buy a network (ethernet) switch, there is a multitude of terms to get to grips with and different configurations available… Managed or Unmanaged? Fast Ethernet or […]

Network Wiring

You’ve bought all the components and want to build your own network, but how do you wire it up? Do I adhere to a standard? What tools do I need? […]