Website Errors

When I have an error or glitch, I try and write a reminder of what I’ve done, just in case it ever happens again (I forget). Now where was I..?

CSS – Fly Out Menu Cut Off

Flyout Menu Cut Off Example
The image below shows a responsive web page where the menu changes from a horizontal menu to a vertical menu depending on the screen size. The horizontal menu worked fine, […]

My Embedded YouTube Video Player Will Not Work in IOS

IOS YouTube Embed Issue - An Error Occurred, Please Try Later
I have a website where my embedded YouTube videos would not work on my iPad or iPhone! I kept getting the error “an error occurred please try again later”. […]

JavaScript Network Error: 404 Not Found

Network Error - 404 Not Found
“Network Error: 404 Not Found –”. I received this Java script error when inserting a jssor slider into my site (this was identified using ‘Firebug’ in the Firefox browser). […]

WordPress – There are Spaces Missing in the Excerpt Text?

Wordpress - Spaces Missing in the Excerpt Text
My excerpt text had spaces missing between some sentences. why was this happening? On examining the area of document text the excerpt was using, I found that there was a […]

WordPress – I Edited my Text in HTML and it Won’t Update?

I Edited my Text in HTML and it Won't Save the Changes - Selecting the HTML Text to Delete
I added an additional CSS style to a block by editing the block in HTML. I then saved the changes. Later, I decided to delete the style I had just […]

New Coverage Issue Detected for Site – How to Fix

Google Search Console - Error
I’d received an email notification by the Google Search Console Team, that I had a “new coverage issue detected” on my site. I followed the link ‘Fix Coverage issues’ at […]

WordPress Media Library Images not Showing

Wordpress Media Library Images not Showing (Featured Image)
I downloaded a backup of my website to load onto my localhost (testing server), and then downloaded a copy of all the images from my live website to the uploads […]

WordPress – Some (or All) of my Images are Missing?

WordPress - Some of my Images are Missing (Featured Image)
I’ve had a few occasions where my images have not displayed? This can be for a number of reasons: You’ve reinstalled WordPress.You’ve deleted and reinstalled a plugin(s).Or, just played around […]